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Gradient structure Carbide
2012-12-29 by seoer10

The gradient structure Carbide ingredients or organizational performance gradient gradients, given the excellent overall performance of cemented carbide products and the use of performance, both contradictory effective way to solve the wear resistance and toughness of cemented carbide products difficult one . Numerous studies have shown an carbide compared with traditional homogeneous the gradient structure Carbide whether as products directly engineering applications, or as a super-hard coating (such as CVD diamond coating, diamond-like carbon coating TiN-based coatings, etc.), the matrix material,roloc disc and have significant technical features and a wide range of application prospects.

It should be noted that In the preparation method of the gradient structure of cemented carbide, the composite carbide method and powder layered pressing method, in the sintering process prone to the phenomenon of incomplete densification or homogenization; metal melt impregnation method, requires specialized means producing metal foil body and the immersion treatment, the process is complicated. In recent years, the use of sintering and heat treatment technology, gradient treatment of cemented carbide products, especially the carbide surface of the gradient processing techniques (such as nitriding treatment technology, a plasma modification technology, etc.), more and more domestic outside the attention of researchers. The advantages of carbide surface gradient processing technology is a relatively simple process, cutting wheel,while maintaining carbide block inherent properties, surface high-performance and multifunctional, and significantly improve the service life of cemented carbide products.

It can be predicted that the gradient structure of cemented carbide with its excellent overall performance and lower the cost of production, will focus on the development of carbide field direction; development carbide surface gradient, nano technology Carbide one of the new research in the field direction.

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