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The need for the development of new cutting tool material
2013-01-22 by seoer10

In order to solve the above problems, Sandvik has developed milling mold using coated carbide materials. Milling Average hardness materials may be used having a high heat resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical stability of the coated cemented carbide cutting tool. SKD61 Hardened steel milling, Class K (GC3040) carbide as the substrate, coated with M2O3 coating tool is the best choice. However, the tool for the next century a new type of mold material was not applicable. Coated cemented carbide cutting tool coated with a CVD method can not maintain a sharp cutting edge, the residual tensile stress in the coating internal milling stick hard mold material on the cutting edge of the coating prone to micro-chipping , and will gradually be extended to a larger chipping.grinding wheel

Milling tool material with PVD coating and CVD coating tool material DAC55 (hardness HRC47) Tool life comparison test of the mold material. Three kinds of CVD coating material is a different base material surface is coated with different thickness of the TiN-Al2O3-TiCN the ternary coating material; two kinds of PVD coating material is coated on a different substrate material containing the Al proportion of the TiAlN coating . Observe the relationship of the chip thickness and tool life, it can be seen, PVD-TiAlN coating material row in Nos. 1 and 2 is superior to the other four materials, especially the amount of Al containing the cutting life of the coating material of the PVD-TiAlN . TiAlN coating has been able to obtain high heat resistance, and is due to Al with air oxygen during the coating process, the reaction of alumina results. However, since the bonding strength of the PVD coating and the substrate has a certain limit, abrasive tools and so for the processing of a viscous material is not large adaptation. In the example of processing of the of cutting the DAC55 workpiece material (HRC47) (Test Tool: R210-063Q22-14m; cutting speed: νc = 50m/min; the Knife Teeth: z = 1; the axial cutting Balance: ap = 1 mm; radially The cutting margin: ae = 1mm; climb milling; dry cutting; tool life criteria: VB = 0.2mm), the longest tool life is also only 25 minutes. Therefore, there is a need to develop high-performance new coating materials.

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