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Diamond band saw blades
2013-01-30 by seoer10
Diamond band saw blades and diamond saw blade is the same product? How to identify diamond band saw blade quality is good or bad?
Both are basically the same, that is, one is a strip for bandsaw, Another possibility is that the disc-like shape or a reciprocating saw.
Identification method is the first to distinguish between a thermoforming or high frequency welding and laser welding diamond saw. Due to the factors of the process and manufacturing equipment, the price is also from low to high, single-watching from the outside because of the time thermoforming blade is the best, followed by laser welding and high frequency welding.
For hot pressing tablets users the most intuitive feeling is the head of the saw blade neatly large, the cylindrical almost no errors. Process on the hot-pressing piece in the hard alloy mold cavity pressure side heating, mold invested large but life is very high, very low tooling costs,abrasive disc and less of the cost of the welding process and silver solder pieces , so it is the price of the lowest, but a fatal flaw is the head of the degree of alloying and far less dense welding type blade, hot press pressure only saw the matrix surface 90 degrees direction pressurized blade head sawing process by reverse impact face, So the blade molding compression direction and use the process of stress surface at a 90 degree angle, greatly affect the combination of diamond force,cutting wheel, often occurs when using more than half of the phenomenon can not continue cutting.
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