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Tool material
2013-02-21 by seoer10

To achieve high-speed cutting tool material is the key. High-speed cutting materials carbide coated tools, cermet, ceramics, cubic boron nitride and diamond tools. They have their own advantages, suitable for different workpiece materials and cutting speed range. Must be noted that between the tool material and the workpiece material, an adaptation problem, i.e., a good performance in the tool material processing of a workpiece material, but is not ideal when processing another workpiece material, in other words, there is no A method suitable for of all workpiece material high-speed processing the universal tool material.

Speed ??cutting tool material must be selected based on the processing of the workpiece material and processing properties. In general, ceramic cutting tools, coated tools and CBN tools suitable for high-speed machining of steel and other ferrous metals; The PCD tool suitable for ceramic cutting tools have been applied to the processing of high-speed processing of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, magnesium, copper; variety of cast iron, steel, thermal spraying spray welding material, nickel-based high-temperature alloys; granite core bits,diamond tool suitable for processing non-metallic materials, non-ferrous metals and their alloys.

Poor thermal stability of the diamond cutting temperature reaches 800 ° C, it will lose its hardness. Because diamond and iron has a strong chemical affinity to easily interact with the carbon atoms to convert it to a graphite structure, the tool is very easy to damage in the high temperature iron atoms in the processing of steel-based material, and therefore not suitable for diamond tool in cutting non-ferrous metal PCD tool life of carbide cutting tools, dozens or even hundreds of times.

Cubic boron nitride cutting of hardened steel, bearing steel, high speed steel, chilled cast iron coarse and fine turning both competent, but also qualified for the high-speed cutting of high-temperature alloys, thermal spray materials, carbide and other difficult-to-machine materials. CBN tools is one of the best tool for turning instead of grinding.diamond discs

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