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The imbalance of the grinding wheel rotating at high speed when the unbalanced centrifugal force will spindle vibration, and seriously affect the processing quality, and may even cause the grinding wheel to rupture. Larger diameter (usually more than 250mm) wheel, after a rough balance and fine balance required before use. Crude grinding wheel should be balanced in a grinder, flap wheel circumference rounded diamond pen, both ends of the surface Shuhei, then remove from the grinder grinding wheel, rough balance fine balance. Required in the circumference of an arbitrary position can remain stable.

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Grinding is in the grinder with a grinding wheel  as the way of the cutting tool on the workpiece for machining. The characteristics of the approach is:
(A) because the grindstone abrasive masters having high hardness and heat resistance, the grinding can be processed with a high hardness materials such as hardened steel, carbide, etc..
(2) grinding wheels and grinder features a choice of the grinding process system for uniform trace cutting the individual ap = 0.00 to 0.005 the sister; grinding speed is high, the individual up to v = of triethylene 50m / s; grinding stiffness good; adopt hydraulic transmission based the grinding energy economy lost high machining accuracy (IT6 ~ IT5) the small overview precision (Ra = 0.8 to 0.2 μm). Grinding is one of the parts finishing secondary way.
(C) because of the intense debate that the grinding zone temperature is high. This will cause the workpiece to produce stress and deformation, resulting in the workpiece Profiles burns. Must inject a small amount of coolant is grinding to high grinding temperature. The coolant also from the BTA and lubrication edification.
(4) when the radial force in the grinding. This will cause the machine - DC wheel- workpiece system flexibility concessions to the practical details of the depth of cut is less than the depth of cut. Is grinding to achieve, you should not feed for light grinding to revoke weaknesses.
(5) abrasive grinding blunt, grinding force also increases, so that the abrasive rupture or sparse, the new exposed sharp edge, this feature is called "self-sharpening". Self-sharpening grinding certainly have time, across will certainly work time should be into Lishou raising trimmed, so that the grinding force increases caused by vibration, noise and damage the workpiece Overview Quality.
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