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CBN grinding wheel manufacturing and technology development of several characteristics:
① expanding applications from the tool industry extended to ordinary black metal bearings, automobiles, machine tools, compressors and other industries, materials processing, grinding of hard grind metal materials processing, from a general tool for grinding inner circle mill, to the development of creep feed grinding, precision grinding, high speed grinding, cutting wheel, crankshaft grinding, has replaced the trend of corundum abrasive
② high-speed, high-efficiency, high-quality, low-cost, its main features. Use speed generally reach 80 ~ 125m / s; coarse and fine grinding margin at once; allows workpiece service life of 20 to 30% increase in grinding workpiece surface was compressive stress state; integrated grinding costs can be reduced by 10% or more.
③ of domestic imported sets CBN grinding technology was a trend of rapid growth.
The ④ domestic CBN abrasive manufacturing and application technology into a high level and a new stage of rapid development, and has entered the mainstream market of automobile manufacturing. Part of the CBN abrasive performance close to the level of similar foreign products to replace imports.
⑤ domestic high-speed CNC, CBN dedicated grinder has been successfully developed.
CBN grinding wheel for grinding:
     1. Grinding automobile parts - the camshaft and crankshaft.
     2.CBN grinding wheel inner hole grinding.
     CBN grinding wheel gear.
     4. Application CBN abrasive machining difficult to machine materials and difficult-to-machine surface.
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Cutting parameters

The blade line speed of (1): in the actual work, diamond ultrathin dicing sheet to the circular saw blade line speed subject to equipment conditions, the nature of the restriction of the saw blade quality and sawing stone before. Best blade life and cutting efficiency should be selected depending on the nature of the different stone blade line speed.cutting wheel, saw the line speed can be selected in the range of 25m ~ 35m / s. Granite sawing difficult for high quartz content, remove the blade line speed limit is appropriate. Granite tile production, the use of diamond ultrathin circular saw blade of the cut sheets of smaller diameter, the line speed can be up to 35m / s.

(2) Cutting depth: Cutting depth is involved in the diamond thin cutting discs wear, effectively cutting blade by the force of circumstances and the nature of sawing stone important parameters. Generally speaking, when a diamond thin cutting chip to the circular saw blade a higher line speed, should be selected smaller for cutting depth, the depth of the cut sheets from the present technology, the sawing diamond thin 1mm ~ 10mm between choice. Usually with large diameter saw blade cutting granite blocks, the cutting depth can be controlled between 1mm ~ 2mm, feed speed should be reduced at the same time. When the linear velocity of the diamond thin cutting pieces of circular saw blades is greater, should be selected to a large cutting depth. But when Saw performance and tool strength within the scope permitted by, you should try to take a larger concentration of cutting cutting to improve cutting efficiency. Should be used when the requirements on the processing surface, a small depth of cut.

(3) Feed speed: feed speed shall be sawing the stone feed rate. Its size affect the sawing rate, the saw blades force as well as sawing heat. Its value should be selected according to the nature of sawing stone. In general, the the sawing softer stone, such as marble, can be an appropriate increase in the speed of the feed, the feed speed is too low, more conducive to improving the sawing rate. Sawing fine-grained structure, relatively homogeneous granite, may be appropriate to increase the speed of the feed, if the feed rate is too low, ultra-thin diamond cutting disc blade is polished. Sawing coarse-grained structure and uneven granite hard and soft, should reduce the feed speed, otherwise it will cause the blade vibration causes the diamond thin cutting disc fragmentation and reduce the sawing rate. Sawing granite feed speed is generally in the range of 9m ~ 12m/min selected.

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