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Different workpiece material, different processing requirements, should use different wheel. Grinding the same workpiece material, different grades of grinding wheel may be a difference of 2 to 5 times, and therefore the appropriate choice of the grinding wheel. Diamond wheel for grinding hard alloy, optical glass, ceramics, gems and stone high brittle non-metallic materials abrasive. But diamond easy carbonized at 700 ℃ ~ 800 ℃, so it is not suitable for grinding steel material. CBN the hardness slightly inferior to the diamond, but its thermal stability (the ability of a high temperature of 1300 ° C to 1400 ° C), as it does not like diamond will decompose at high temperatures, i.e., oxidation and graphitization, chemically inert with the iron group element, high thermal conductivity (which is the corundum of 46 times), with its production of long wheel life (up to corundum grinding wheel a few times to more than a hundredfold), alternative corundum grinding wheel grinding hardened steel, high speed tool steel, bearing steel , stainless steel, heat resistant steel, and titanium alloys, and high hardness toughness of a metal material, the best abrasive. Superabrasive grinding wheel is a binding agent such as resin, metal, ceramics, electroplating and brazing. Resin bonded grinding wheel is mainly used for measuring tool blade sharpening, grinding holes, cylindrical grinding and flat grinding; metal bondedcutting wheel for plunge grinding, forming optical curve grinder mill, grinding cutting tool, grinding small drill bit helical groove, but also applicable to the electrolytic grinding; high grinding efficiency of the vitrified grindstone, shape retention, durability, ease of trimming, the wheel life long, and has good chemical stability due to ceramic binding agent itself, heat, oil, acid erosion, can be adapted to a variety of grinding fluid grinding low cost, which has become an efficient, high-precision grinding the preferred abrasive; plating grinding wheel is suitable for high-speed grinding and forming grinding, also suitable for hole the efficient grinding (wet milling) and coordinates grinder; brazed grinding wheel suitable for ultra-high-speed grinding. It must be noted that different grades of abrasive, because the manufacturing process is different, and its crystal morphology, particle shape is also different, having different strength, thermal stability and breaking characteristics, depending on the type of binding agent, grinding the workpiece material and the grinding mode, Select a different abrasive. As for efficient, high-precision grinding ceramic bonded grinding wheel, the choice of high intensity and sharp abrasive particle shape. Superhard grinding production surface and metallized coat (metal coatings can play a reinforcing toughening slow thermal shock, and the bridge between the abrasive particles and the binder from the combined role, can improve the grinding wheel performance) and not gold-plated case of two-clothes species selected should be based on the type of binder, the workpiece material, dry grinding and wet grinding conditions. Dry grinding is generally used in copper clothing, such as RVD-Cu CBN-Cu; the wet milling chosen nickel clothing, such as RVD-Ni, CBN-Ni. Present, the plated metal has been the development of nickel, copper, titanium, tungsten alloy, non-metallic, ceramic, etc., by a single coating development to the composite coating, and has been developed to the abrasive plated micropowder plated. Superhard abrasive grinding wheel of concentration can not be chosen too low, the high concentration of high grinding ratio, 200% concentration of the grinding wheel is actually a super abrasive accessories ordinary grinding wheel is generally not recommended Naming. Currently, high-speed efficient grinding using a higher concentration, and the vitrified CBN reliable sealing prevent superabrasive enter, accelerated mechanical wear. Have a grinding fluid filtration and supply system, into the graphite powder, this method is also applicable to the resin, ceramic bonded grinding wheel.
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Following the excavation of a series of reports "China's mold industry needs in the general direction of 9 effort", Luo Baihui Shenzhen mold Technical Institute of expert members pointed out that the current tool industry in China six characteristics, tool industry to rise from these six aspects efforts improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the industry, and to shorten the gap between the entire tool industry with world cutting tools industry.
Taiwan tool: to open a low-cost strategy for low-profit era

Loss tool industry in Taiwan in recent years, face up to more than 80% due to the impact of the international financial environment. As a result, they began to impact at low prices vigorously CNC tool market in China, some tool priced even lower than domestic CNC tool price; work hard to squeeze the market, known as the killer price of the CNC tool market to low-profit and low-cost strategy.

2 terminal: improve customer trust

Due to long-term dependence on imports, domestic CNC tool and import tool gap in technology, service, quality, and propaganda, CNC tool and an important position in the quality of the final product of the processed products and other factors, domestic customers for domestic CNC tool trust very low. Often prefer to spend heavily imports do not want to take risks to save money purchase made knives. After all, hundreds of thousands or even tens of dollars on 10,001,000 units of CNC machine tools to a few hundred dollars, hours, fees and tool acquisition cost compared to full grasp prefer to select the import tool, automobile factories and aerospace enterprises is a typical example. Made knives are not mature enough, they almost do not provide the opportunity for domestic tool on the CNC production line to go to trial.

Globalization Procurement: Customer auction capabilities

After joining the WTO, globalization procurement reasonable price, mature technology cutting tools will continue to pour into the Chinese market, so that customers with greater choice and competitive pricing capabilities, so that domestic manufacturers of CNC tool market development more difficult.

Industry chain: Alliance to create economies of scale

Domestic production and operation of cutting disc scale are too small, not formed abrasive tools industry chain joint, in particular, is a tool for system manufacturers do not produce the blade, blade manufacturers production tools, is almost entirely dependent on the supply-side; a true sense of the Industry Alliance industry.

Talent chain: school-enterprise integration, "research" must be carried out

CNC tool is technology-intensive, knowledge-intensive and talent-intensive industries, the dependence of the development of talent, in particular, is even more evident in the production and management company small. CNC tool and technical personnel, management personnel, marketing personnel, CNC machine operatives are scarce, the general training period of 3 to 5 years. Universities and a good take on the training of CNC machining and CNC tool responsibility of professionals to rely on the enterprises themselves to spend a long time to cultivate, tend to be less effective, not necessarily retain.

6 core competencies: to improve the industry's overall comprehensive level

Tool industry in China is already fully opened, the domestic market has long been the tool purchase globalization. Foreign tools to enter the Chinese market more than ten years of history, sales network, technical service system has been quite built full, there are a number of offices in major cities in China, sales and technical services, employing more than a thousand people. Use their high-quality products, perfect technical services, continue to lower the sales price, the import tool price has almost dropped to 10 years ago, 2/3 to 1/2, the monopoly of China's high-end tool market. Luo Hui pointed out that in the process of economic globalization, multinational tool company occupies an increasingly obvious advantage of the technology, resources, and information services, such as the core competitiveness, the strength of the domestic knives lagging farther and farther, the Chinese tool industry must improve the industry as a whole integrated level.

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