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 For enterprises engaged in polishing and grinding materials research, cutting disc, processing, polishing and grinding materials varieties which is very ordinary thing in the world.

        Polishing and grinding materials are: 1, an epoxy resin, and some also polyethylene drunk condensing formaldehyde resin, a polyamide resin or poly-vinegar, reinforced phenolic resin economy; 2, the kind of asphalt, bitumen, primarily for low throwing and aperture should do best is also used for asphalt polishing; fixation abrasive blades solid foothold throw material polishing, add water to polishing; polyurethane foam polishing materials, PU , this polish is mainly divided into two, namely polyester and polyether two categories;, the coumarone mixed cutting and grinding disc, namely beans ketone resin; 6, asphalt polishing (black bitumen); 7, black felt and yellow blankets.

         With the use of polishing and grinding materials in the industry, its increasingly wide range of application areas.

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    The abrasives industry is a basic industry, has always occupied an extremely important position in the machining. Abrasives, there are three significant improvements and breakthroughs. First, improvement of the abrasive physical structure, such as the abrasive number of the role of the workpiece per unit time increased, so that grinding the average length of growth, so that the grinding contact surface increases, these have changed the unit of time wear in addition to the amount of effective improved efficiency; Second, the application of superhard abrasive, mainly refers to as a filler metal powder, metal oxide or CBN superhard materials, combined with the application of abrasive agent made of resin, ceramic or metal.
        Superhard abrasive precision grinding of high-efficiency effect has been widely recognized; Third, the emergence of new abrasives, such as micron polycrystalline ceramic microcrystalline abrasives, with fine diamond grinding particles of the spherical shell abrasives, ultra-fine polishing with polyester film. With the characteristics of these new abrasives, grinding advantage vividly and incisively.
        Throughout the development of the field grinding abrasives of grinding will put forward higher requirements to determine the current status quo, Superhard products precisely to meet these new grinding needs. Such as CBN abrasive with good thermal stability, high hardness, good wear resistance properties, so the line of abrasive in the grinding, high-speed, high grinding efficiency, abrasive life, especially suitable for processing high-speed steel , bearing steel, stainless steel, chilled cast iron and other ferrous materials. In addition, to meet the various needs of ceramic combined with high-speed grinding wheel grinding wheel, large pores, and the machined surface abrasive grinding wheel manufacture, diamond saw blade so as technology advances and expanding the scope of application, a mainstream product in the grinding .
keywords:roloc disc
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