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Ceramic grinding wheel and resin wheel contest
2012-12-03 by seoer10

The wheel is the main abrasive grinding. The grinding wheel is in the added binding agents, a porous body made by the green compacts, drying and firing the abrasive. Abrasive, bond and manufacturing processes, grinding wheel characteristics vary widely, so grinding machining quality, productivity and cutting wheel.Grinding wheel is divided into two ceramic grinding wheel and resin wheel. Chemical stability of ceramic grinding wheel long shelf life and the role of self-sharpening high strength resin grinding wheel snagging kibble self-sharpening effect chemical stability and storage period not as good as the ceramic wheel.
Simple terms, that is different from the combination of the two agents, one is as a binding agent with a ceramic, a resin is used as a binding agent. Performance resin grinding wheel surface roughness of the workpiece to be higher, while ceramic sharpness and longer life This is just a general situation, both have their own advantages and disadvantages in the selection according to specific circumstances.

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