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Diamond ultra-thin cutting discs adaptability
2012-10-28 by seoer10

Diamond thin cutting discs tools in the non-ferrous metals and wear-resistant materials processing applications, have excellent adaptability. Of diamond ultra-thin cutting discs, 0.04mm diamond thin cutting discs 0.08mm diamond ultra-thin cutting discs the 0.055mm diamond thin cutting discs, japan diamond ultra-thin cutting discs, 0.1mm gold ultra-thin cutting a piece of steel stone the 0.2mm diamond ultra-thin cutting discs 0.15mm diamond ultra-thin cutting discs, the Japanese diamond ultra-thin cutting discs

Tool material, ultra-thin diamond cutting disc is the hardest. Appropriate processing conditions, the ultra-thin diamond cutting disc than high-speed steel, carbide, ceramic and PCBN life long. It also has shortcomings, is: not generally apply to ferrous materials processing. However, in a high-speed mass production, processing materials such as aluminum and graphite, etc., diamond thin cutting chip is often the most abrasive tools.

Diamond ultra-thin cutting disc tools, the user can have two options: a polycrystalline diamond thin cutting piece (PCD), a the newer chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond ultra-thin cutting discs.

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