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Overview of the diamond grinding wheel manufacturing process
2012-11-19 by seoer10

A complete good quality diamond grinding wheel manufacturing processes are quite complex.
: The first thing you want to irregular aluminum body car into requirements parallel, parallel strengthening, bowl or dish shape.
II: The second part, according to the customer the desired width of the thickness of the sand and the sand concentration of the ingredients, which is one of the most critical step of making diamond grindstone.
3: The next is with a good sand at high temperature is fixed on the substrate, this is extremely important, with the decision, and later silly Leng Leng quality,.
Finally, there is a simple treatment, beautification of the diamond grinding wheel, packaging, sale. Customers need for their cutting wheel, must be understood that suitable specifications, including: outside diameter, inside the hole, the width of the sand, the thickness of the sand, and you are required granularity.

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