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The grinding wheel superhard abrasive Micropowder of select
2012-11-20 by seoer10

Technology continues to evolve with the technology, the range of applications of the grinding wheel is more and more widely used in precision grinding, grinding, polishing the super polished ...... quality wheel requires a good quality of raw materials, such as super abrasive powder.
PDM micropowder: This raw material of the wheel, the polishing and grinding of glass and ceramic exhibits excellent performance;
The PDV Micropowder: When the high life, grinding efficiency and surface finish need to consider closing now this material;
MDM micronized: with higher toughness, strictly control the granularity of allocation, appropriate grinding and polishing of silicon wafers;
VDM micronized: crystal form better than MDM, higher strength, the particle size distribution is more narrow;
PDMN micronized: strong gripping force, grinding wheel and the cooling effect,cutting wheel life significant role;
CBN-B2000M: for resin and vitrified bonded grinding wheel;
CBN-AM: is the ideal material for the polishing and grinding of the resin binder;
CBN-AMN: grinding wheel life growth.

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