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About Abrasives those things
2013-05-22 by seoer3
Is for abrasive grinding, grinding and polishing tools. Most of the abrasive is made ​​of abrasive plus artificial abrasive binding agent, is also useful natural mineral rock directly processed into natural abrasive.
Abrasive in use, when the blunt abrasive, because the abrasive agent or a combination of its own to break fracture, the abrasive grain from the partial or complete loss, the working surface of the abrasive grinding emerging new cutting edge, sharp or continuously exposing new shop roll grains, the abrasive can be maintained within a certain time cutting.
This self-sharpening abrasive is abrasive tool compared with the general prominent feature. Abrasives early as the Neolithic Age, humans had already started to process the application of natural stone knives, stone axes, bone, horn, and tools such as a tooth. Abrasives source of their raw materials, with natural and artificial abrasive file belt categories. Commonly used in machinery industry is only natural abrasive Whetstone.
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