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Shop rolling gates to hook lock tamper
2013-08-19 by seoer3

This shop roll gate anti lock picking series uses gold point atomic cylinder [Longyan locksmiths nobody can open], three multi-point connections, automatic positioning latch, strong tamper, anti-pull only retreat,
Anti-saw design principles, and its performance improved ten accompany tamper. Has a convenient self-locking kinetic energy,
Let us bid farewell to the traditional closed when bending foot Fingertight (key) to lock the door just straight down,
To complete the closed lock work. Anti-lock picking iron dog gate volume series easy to use, safe, by the user's favorite, is the traditional roller shutter door replacement products.
Shop volume features: 1, strong tamper, tamper force of more than ordinary roller shutter door lock device more than 10 times.
2, Auto Relock, gates pulled up to the lock position to lock automatically closes the work.
3, "three four point" coordinated simultaneously locking and retaining Insurance Design.
4, special anti-theft lock cylinder, anti-drill, anti-sets, so that rolling gates more secure. 5, pry open the lock in case of automatic alarm function to alert the user to deter thieves, not false positives. 6, after locking the door with small gaps in the floor, dedicated to the boxes and boxes decorated blocks to beautify the ground.
7, can be used with dial-up, camera alarms, and other products supporting the use of a variety of upgrades, security and more reliable

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