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Shop steps / methods
2013-08-30 by seoer3
1 First, the first feeling -  shop roll  pictures
Be sure to take a clear picture, it is best not to store Tietu from others, all the same there is no novelty, and take a picture sure to highlight your product, it is best to be able to show up around the pictures are placed on the beat Your merchandise display bar inside, so buyers can not touch the product, but also to clearly see it.
2 Second, the second eye feeling - commodity title
The study investigated average, whether watching ads, or read newspapers in the crowd, 80% of people will look at the title, but only 20% of people reading the text. When you decide that a good product title will make people lock your merchandise directly decide to buy it. Will greatly improve your product views. The prosperity of your shop has a very important role.
A good title should contain content = (1) Product Name + (2) commodity belongs shop name + (3) of the same commodity nicknames + (4) Commodity price + (5) commodities necessary instructions + (6) Remarks
3 Third, description of goods
More customers are attracted to you, it will certainly see the product description, you can write in the commodity description column detail, Photo Gallery, postal methods, standards Sizing, payment method and contact telephone number.
Of course, shop description finished, we should pay attention to publicity, publicity out, you have more people to patronize the shop!
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