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How to Shop blanket volume work
2013-10-11 by seoer3
School has been in the past half- semester , for this semester 's Montessori child is also more interesting. Children "work" is inseparable from the work of blankets, which should do the work shop roll blanket roll it ? Here 's a look at how they operate outside of the baby blanket his work it ~
1 , both hands tucked working blanket ( blanket holding his hands on either side of the work , the work of your thumb on the blanket roll axis , the other four fingers clenched on the outside ) slowly stood up, work blanket 5-10 cm away from the body distance , gently walked back to his place.
2 , the working position with both hands on his blanket roll open Operating blanket, blanket feet with the commencement of work backwards , work commenced after half blanket blanket in his hands to the sides from the paving in the swing. 3 , after the commencement of the work blanket , his hands to organize .
4 , the work roll blanket, blanket hands to work from top to bottom fold , roll up the top layer of the work blanket, a little further lira continued roll until it can no longer pull himself , blanket off the remaining work , forward roll . Working blanket rolled up after the end of standing pat on the ground , make the work blanket blanket neatly hands after work to get back .
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