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Brush application environment
2013-10-16 by seoer3
sanding roll  with wooden or plastic brush body, bristle brush nail into the body by a machine . Tufting brush body with through shaft or pipe together with supply -side journal . Shell-shaped brush blocks can also be fixed to the tubular body brush , this structure makes it possible for the shaft without removing brush for easy replacement .
Special plastic wire brush brush roller dedicated to steel beams and profiles shot blasting equipment , brush roller is used to blast the surface of the workpiece material cleaned. 2-4 by the brush roller on the drive shaft section fixed to the brush blocks. When a wire brush wear , they can repopulate the body of the brush wire brush , and then used again.
For health reasons, for example : in the food industry , may be sealed to prevent bacterial penetration punching . In these applications , all the punching are sealed with casting resin , to obtain a uniform surface , the sealing material also protect the wire brush .
Planting brush can be of various lengths , morphology , diameter manufacturing, the use of different materials, wire brush . Planting brush with wood or plastic brush body, if the customer needs , can provide steel shaft . Because the brush structure has infinite possibilities, we provide planting brush for each application customization services . Advanced production facilities enable us to produce a variety of sizes , a variety of planting brush wire brush , to meet all application needs.
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