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The scope of the use of CBN grinding wheel is how
2012-10-21 by seoer10

In our lives in this kind of material for the CBN wheel is often used, however, how the use of CBN wheel? In general, higher than that of ordinary abrasive hardness of CBN wheel. High hardness means cutting more and more sharp; CBN has a high abrasion resistance, which means it is more difficult than conventional abrasive wear; ability to keep the abrasive shape is one of the main features of the CBN as a high-performance abrasive; CBN grinding wheel the compressive strength is high, which means that when used in harsh conditions it can maintain the particles is complete and easily broken; CBN has a good thermal conductivity can be achieved, when grinding cold cutting. At the same time it is more important to CBN grinding wheel with a high temperature, good thermal stability. The cubic boron nitride can withstand a high temperature of 1250-1350 degrees Celsius, even higher than the diamond heat resistance of 800 degrees Celsius; sticky crumbs phenomenon appears in the grinding and cutting ferrous materials, not, in the grinding of hardened steel, high vanadium high speed metal material such as steel, aluminum, high-speed steel is more sensitive to the grinding temperature is DC wheel. An Analysis of CBN grinding wheel related use characteristics of the process.

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