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Analysis of CBN grinding wheel
2012-10-25 by seoer10
Diamond wheel, CBN grinding wheel this is known as the generation of super-hard material products, they are immediately applied to the ordinary grinding wheel play difficult direction, like precision cutting tools, tool steel, stainless steel, the production of other types of hardened alloy steel and high temperature alloys and processing.
CBN is a hardness of tight inferior diamond superhard material. It is a non-nature-forming substance. CBN is the hexagonal boron nitride is exposed to high temperature, using a method similar to the graphite, synthetic diamond made of artificial and synthetic substances. The company now usually superhard abrasive material instead of the diamond abrasive.
And Diamond is different, do not dissolve in the related alloys of iron, nickel, etc. at high temperatures in the CBN. Our precious gems, but soluble in these metals, resulting in the formation of carbides, thereby reducing the service life of the grinding tool.
Obviously, CBN is a very durable material and is a really useful abrasive. Now, grinding tools and cutting tools are the use of CBN precision manufacturing.
I will carefully balanced and accurate play to the performance of the CBN, to produce the best performance of CBN wheel. A CBN cutting wheel, also like other precision instruments, proper use and careful maintenance, so they can maximize the utility.
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