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Wide belt fashion-line
2013-09-03 by seoer3
Right now the most fashionable is not fastened at the waist, but slipped to the buttocks wide belt  , in fact, fashion is self; fashion is created. Want to add a bit of buzz, then add a fashionable, personalized wide belt it can not only cover the waist shortcomings, but also can give clothing more fashionable colorful.
Diamond brings mixed with rock style rivets in the wild and uninhibited tough being assertive personality. If the lady style dress collocation do have some charm.
Belt buckle of the patterns is like some kind of ancient totem, with certain meaning. Retro style with white belt buckle trip together to show a sense of such noble palace.
Studded rivet punk style belt can bring clothes for the simple role of dotting gorgeous, gold is a popular focus this season is easy with universal magic.
Luxury and refinement in the details of the show, the use of carved, Diamond, Diamond, etc. as decoration, doing everything possible publicity.
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