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Fixed waistband  wide belt    had not had the tools, with the overall shape is that it is now the primary responsibility. Gradually warm weather in early spring, to dress provides good conditions. A wild fashion belt, you can let the clothes closet clothes have more outfit possibilities. Dimensional floral spring models trends of fashion is one of the design concept of this belt coincides with the popular trend. Highly three-dimensional flowers retro texture of copper beige backdrop wanton bloom. And have the effect of fixed and decorative rivets, and copper flowers complement each other. Belt stitching design, imaginative. Carving time, but also carved stylish, sophisticated and delicate carving flower vine spread stretch the belt surface, with a yellow-brown belt, very retro temperament. Copper hollow carved buckles, full vintage atmosphere. Years before committing natal Jupiter, saying that this is a misunderstanding. Mak Ling Ling of Hong Kong scientists have made geomancy, guilty of Jupiter's Zodiac Year of the Dragon in addition to the dragon, there are dogs, rabbits, cattle. Of course it credibility, Xiao Bian is difficult to trace. I believe the girls may wish to red evil, this stylish hand-woven red waist chain is a good choice. Nutans Shangzhui transporter ball, bergamot and other good luck, so bad luck not close.
Wild waist chain waist with style
With a long wide belt  is not also want a change of pattern? Spring and summer MM were significantly more chances waist, tied at the waist only a tiny waist chain waist also played a very good decorative effect oh. They mostly buckle shaped phase composition, smart, dynamic, do not have a style.Thin chain and ring connected to form a chain of brilliant, shiny metal chain exudes fashionable, but also very significant level. Spring-loaded buckle is very convenient to wear off, oh, waist chain is also designed with a movable ring can be adjusted according to the thickness of the waist, nice and intimate.Dexterous twist weave style firm, inlaid with a whole layer of sequins, filling its sophisticated technology and attention. Tassel-like pendant swaying when walking, quite aesthetic. Chain Avatar U disk cover rich metallic, buckle hook-style buckle and activities round buckle combinations can be freely adjust the tightness.All shapes are all hand-woven, using a high-quality wax rope and alloy butterfly buckle plus bead composition, looks funky unique, return to pastoral sense, but also a little Bohemian exotic, use it to with rich ethnic style clothing would be useful flavor.Garnet has alleviate arthritis and the role of evil supporter, fastened at the waist on the waist so a lot of benefits. Head of the chain is designed with jade buckle, two kinds of spiritual material together not only bright color and the woman's health is also quite helpful. It can also be used as bracelets and necklaces.
Women's Belts Bow-line
The following introduces you to bow  wide belt   line diagram, you can avoid common system method appears folds and deformation, distortion and other issues, as follows:1 First, the belt at the waist folded pair of equal length, placed in front of the waist position.2 Fold the left belt inwards, placed in the bottom corner waistband.3 fold the right side of the belt and the belt around the left side of the fold and fold belt as below,4 would be right after the belt around the folded outwards and fixed by hand;5 will be folded just right around the belt through the belt formed by the left vertical junction, organized into appropriate shapes.Here, belt bow line diagram presentation for everyone finished, I believe this is a very simple and easy to learn a Department of Law, Department of bow out of position relatively positive, and not easily deformed, not friends Come and learn now!
Belt-line enhanced sense of fashion clothing
From spring until autumn and winter of this year, all kinds of belts still do not appear intermittently in the T stage, a time of belt seems to be a wild single product in everyone, but because of relatively thick winter clothes, with a very improper may have the opposite effect, oh, the following recommendations to the pro belt with several winter programs, may wish to refer to :)Popular wide belt-linewide belt  is very popular, but not just one department alone. Because it exaggerated style, so if match is not good, it will affect your body and overall shape. We want stylish, but also have a good body! ~ Belt can enhance clothing fashion sense, it is also the details of the performance of a very strong parts.Outside the department understated charm thin belt1 Select the same color accessories, eliminating the waist with a sense of nobility expanding metallic color belt will be obvious sense of expansion, so there must be a long necklace with the same color, the visual play the role of longitudinally elongated physique.