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Coat belt should be how the Department of
2013-09-07 by seoer3
For the coat, the belt is a non-negligible detail. How does the Department windbreaker  wide belt would look nice? Do not worry, coat belt-line Daquan Xiaobian to share with you, which with coat belt line diagram, learn together, and let your beautiful coat guarantee.
An anti weatherproof coat thin coat. Also known as the raincoat. Costumes in one coat is suitable for spring, autumn and winter to go out dressed in nearly three decades of the more popular costumes. As flexible modeling, fitness chic, beautiful and practical, easy to carry, charismatic, etc., and thus by the young men and women in love, it's style, fabric has its own unique language, will be able to leave a deep glimpse impression; its practicality and unrivaled in fits and starts most difficult to rate the fall, a windbreaker casual wear off, rain or shine, both with your travel horizon, it can readily Phi to the streets.
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