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Women's Belts Bow-line
2013-09-12 by seoer3

The following introduces you to bow  wide belt   line diagram, you can avoid common system method appears folds and deformation, distortion and other issues, as follows:
1 First, the belt at the waist folded pair of equal length, placed in front of the waist position.
2 Fold the left belt inwards, placed in the bottom corner waistband.
3 fold the right side of the belt and the belt around the left side of the fold and fold belt as below,
4 would be right after the belt around the folded outwards and fixed by hand;
5 will be folded just right around the belt through the belt formed by the left vertical junction, organized into appropriate shapes.
Here, belt bow line diagram presentation for everyone finished, I believe this is a very simple and easy to learn a Department of Law, Department of bow out of position relatively positive, and not easily deformed, not friends Come and learn now!

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