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Wild waist chain waist with style
2013-09-23 by seoer3

With a long wide belt  is not also want a change of pattern? Spring and summer MM were significantly more chances waist, tied at the waist only a tiny waist chain waist also played a very good decorative effect oh. They mostly buckle shaped phase composition, smart, dynamic, do not have a style.
Thin chain and ring connected to form a chain of brilliant, shiny metal chain exudes fashionable, but also very significant level. Spring-loaded buckle is very convenient to wear off, oh, waist chain is also designed with a movable ring can be adjusted according to the thickness of the waist, nice and intimate.
Dexterous twist weave style firm, inlaid with a whole layer of sequins, filling its sophisticated technology and attention. Tassel-like pendant swaying when walking, quite aesthetic. Chain Avatar U disk cover rich metallic, buckle hook-style buckle and activities round buckle combinations can be freely adjust the tightness.
All shapes are all hand-woven, using a high-quality wax rope and alloy butterfly buckle plus bead composition, looks funky unique, return to pastoral sense, but also a little Bohemian exotic, use it to with rich ethnic style clothing would be useful flavor.
Garnet has alleviate arthritis and the role of evil supporter, fastened at the waist on the waist so a lot of benefits. Head of the chain is designed with jade buckle, two kinds of spiritual material together not only bright color and the woman's health is also quite helpful. It can also be used as bracelets and necklaces.

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