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Fashion "waist" about
2013-09-27 by seoer3

Fixed waistband  wide belt    had not had the tools, with the overall shape is that it is now the primary responsibility. Gradually warm weather in early spring, to dress provides good conditions. A wild fashion belt, you can let the clothes closet clothes have more outfit possibilities.
Dimensional floral spring models trends of fashion is one of the design concept of this belt coincides with the popular trend. Highly three-dimensional flowers retro texture of copper beige backdrop wanton bloom. And have the effect of fixed and decorative rivets, and copper flowers complement each other. Belt stitching design, imaginative.
Carving time, but also carved stylish, sophisticated and delicate carving flower vine spread stretch the belt surface, with a yellow-brown belt, very retro temperament. Copper hollow carved buckles, full vintage atmosphere.
Years before committing natal Jupiter, saying that this is a misunderstanding. Mak Ling Ling of Hong Kong scientists have made geomancy, guilty of Jupiter's Zodiac Year of the Dragon in addition to the dragon, there are dogs, rabbits, cattle. Of course it credibility, Xiao Bian is difficult to trace. I believe the girls may wish to red evil, this stylish hand-woven red waist chain is a good choice. Nutans Shangzhui transporter ball, bergamot and other good luck, so bad luck not close.

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