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Ceramic Gao firmly diamond grinding wheel with high strength
2012-10-17 by seoer10
Followed by the development of science and technology the network continued growth of new materials, machining is to high-quality, high-precision, high-use the passive direction network continued development, the scope of application of the ceramic diamond grinding wheel is more and more widely, the amount of network continued growth. Primary application of ceramic Gao firmly diamond grinding machining of carbide, semiconductor silicon, polycrystalline diamond compact, grinding wheel, the layout of the new engineering ceramics, precious stones, crystal, magnetic materials, high hard and brittle materials, and lost the good The application of the results.
Subservient good the ceramic the Gao firmly agent diamond grindstone possess high strength, heat, sharp cutting grinding effectiveness is high, the grinding process is not easy to heat and clogging, thermal amount of compression is small, shape retention is good, simple control of the machining accuracy, the same resin bonded diamond The grinding wheel contrast, he covet the low effectiveness of low grinding resin cutting wheel life, poor shape retention Abrasives I variability in the grinding process.
Carbide with high hardness, wear resistance, high strength, corrosion resistance and a series of excellent succumb, particularly its high hardness and wear resistance. Followed by the development of science and technology, carbide as a cutting tool material, arranged the old-fashioned high-speed steel, throughout applications such as turning, milling, planer, more scholars "to cut instead of grinding" concept, which for hard the carbide surface processing quality put forward higher requirements.
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