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  (A) What is the belt? Generally based on paper for lining the bottom two layers are docking, the layers staggered joints. Sand
Band width
Degree, light, soft, has become a major area of ​​stainless steel and plywood used in grinding and polishing, and the jet
Grinding machines and turbine blades.
(Two) Belt Features: 1 high quality belt grinding surface roughness values ​​mainly in small, residual stress
Well, no microscopic cracks and surface microstructure changes or phenomena; 2 due to their light weight belt, the grinding process results
Structure Department
Equilibrium system is easy to control, all rotating parts minimal wear, not a phenomenon that kind of dynamic imbalance factor wheel
Belt grinding process flexibility, adaptability. This is reflected in: Belt grinding can be very easily used for plane, within
, Cylindrical and complex surface grinding. Design a belt grinding device as functional components can be mounted on the car lathe
GrindingAlso can be mounted on the planer use, but can be designed into a variety of special grinder. This characteristic of the use of belt grinding
Easily solve some difficult to machine parts, such as long, oversized shaft and flat parts precision machining. The belt
, Abrasives, adhesives have a range of choices that can adapt to a variety of uses. Abrasive particle size, length and width
Various specifications, and roll, ring and other forms are available. For the same workpiece, abrasive belt grinding can be used
All kinds
Different grinding methods and process structures for processing. Abrasive belt grinding extremely wide range of applications superior  abrasive belt Grinding Performance
And flexible process characteristics determines that it has an extremely wide range of applications, from daily life to industrial production sectors
Belt grinding virtually all fields. Their application forms of diversity, range is wide as any other kind of processing methods
Can not be compared
Drafted. Specific features: Belt grinding grinding almost all engineering materials. In addition to grinding wheel material can be processed outside
It also can be processed such as copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals and wood, leather, plastic and other non-metallic soft materials. Especially the belt grinding
Sharpen "
Cold "grinding effect is difficult to make in the process heat is even more evident when the grinding material unique advantages.

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Waist belt is clothing pieces. Chinese Zhou Dynasty and the gentry thewide belt into two major categories of large belt to belt known as the Qin Dynasty. Belt in the Han, Tang, Song, Yuan each generation are called ring, waist circumference, abdominal circumference, Cinch, and jade, rhino belt, gold belt, corner with other varieties. Women's belt, said nepotism, in the middle or at the side of the waist bindings before hanging, multi-purpose cloth production. Chinese ancient belt also often combined with wear jewelry to become much more expensive than the waist, such as Pei-yu, saber, wear towel, wear ribbon and so on. With the die Xie Wei, often attached to a number of small thong hanging Peigua seven things, saying die Xie seven things. China's ethnic belt variety. In the material, commonly used leather, cloth, plastic, metal, rattan and other materials.
In shape, long, short, wide, narrow eclectic.
General position of the belt system has three stalls, high waist, the waist, low waist (low slung belt). Generally young girl with low waist up, some of the older high waist based. Belt no internationally accepted dimensions, size and habit of mind, like clothing sizes, divided xs, s, m, l, xl, xxl and so on. Buy a belt, have to be explicitly tied waist, the waist or low waist, belt actual size of the large size of the required parts have two inches. Also minute belt buckle belt, pull and automatic belt buckle belt buckle, Chinese people generally use pin buckle, foreigners generally use automatic deduction.
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