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Stainless steel pipe polishing has divided electrolytic polishing and mechanical polishing, if it is long products through automatic centerless grinding and polishing machines, machining when using several different types of wheel and flax wheel / cloth polishing wheel, used during polishing polishing wax (dry cast) can, as the choice of throwing only have to look at the requirements of the decision on the steel surface. doing polished stainless steel is the easiest thing to get installed Sabu mill wheel, stick some polishing wax, facing the need to polish sectional bit thrown on the line. I feel this is not called polishing up, and this is called scrubs. Real polishing electroplating  abrasive cloth belt . I will certainly do major industrial stainless steel with electro-polished more. You say I have not used gauze.
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Chinese name translation : English translation mesh name: Glass  abrasive cloth belt  is made ​​by weaving , the coating material is subjected to surface treatment using a grid -like braid. Item Unit Technical performance indicators / ( standard mesh ) mesh center distance MM 4 ~ 6 mass per unit area of ​​the fracture strain G/M2 ≥ 160 % ≤ 5 Alkali breaking strength retention ( warp and weft )% ≥ 50 Alkali breaking strength retention value N/50MM ≥ 750 alkali wave fiber network across the fabric ( gel content )% ≥ 8 alkali -type wave fiber network across the fabric ( gel content )% ≥ 20 emery cloth ( paper ) shabu (zhi) emery cloth ( paper ) abrasive cloth or paper with adhesive to adhere to the abrasive cloth or paper -like substrate coated abrasives page . Emery cloth and sandpaper is coated abrasives in a long history, the largest amount of a kind widely used in a variety of hand- sanding operations. Emery cloth ( paper ) standard specifications for the 230 × 280 mm, dry grinding , water , gold equal to the principal varieties. ① dry scrub cloth : also known as sand paper to cloth as matrix to gelatin as a binder to corundum abrasive made ​​, mostly for rust and polishing metal materials , but also for sanding wood. ② dry sanding paper : also known as wood sandpaper to paper as the substrate to gelatin as a binder , glass sand or natural sand abrasive just made ​​more for sanding wood. ③ waterproof sandpaper : paper as a substrate to varnish binder to green silicon carbide abrasive corundum or made ​​of metal used for polishing and sanding paint putty . ④ metallographic sandpaper : the paper as the substrate, adhesive resin as a binder to make abrasive silicon carbide powder is made more for metallographic grinding and polishing precision . Variety of emery cloth ( paper ) their use can be made of different size requirements for different products to abrasive grit that their thickness.
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