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In the grinding process, because the wear of cut off wheel itself, constantly changing state of wheel face. As the grinding time, the grinding wheel cutting capacity decreased, various grinding defects continue to appear, the grinding process can not be continued. At this point, you must trim wheel, grinding back to normal state. Between the two dressing grinding wheel grinding time is called the real life of the wheel. Affecting the life of the grinding wheel grinding the important factors, particularly for forming grinding particularly important.
Determination wheel life
Generally worn under the metal cutting wheel face various phenomena arising through observation and tests carried out. Wheel wear phenomena arising after grinding are:
Grinding process produces self-excited vibration, the surface appears regeneration chatter;
Grinding noise increases;
Surface grinding burn occurs;
Grinding force dramatic increases or decreases;
Precision grinding down;
Grinding surface roughness increases.
These phenomena are not independent, the production of various phenomena of relevance. Of particular note is that the grinding temperature is too high and the surface of the heat generated due to self-excited vibration damage and lead to decrease roughness and accuracy.
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  Belt grinding surface quality and can be processed with high precision of various shapes of the workpiece. Belt grinding process not only common plane, inside and outside round surface of the workpiece, but also with great efficiency and precision machined surface quality requirements are high large or shaped pieces. For example:
A large area of ​​the plate polishing process. Maximum wheel width is only 1000mm, 2500mm above the belt can be done. Now known to the widest belt wide belt grinding machine used 4900mm. Actual use common processing belt grinding width of 50 ~ 2000mm, Thickness 0.4 ~ 150mm. Their productivity up 1000m2 / h. This wide belt grinding can be widely used in steel, stainless steel, silicon steel, aluminum, copper, particleboard, plywood, MDF, leather, insulation boards, ceramic plates, and aerospace equipment, ships and nuclear physics research device use a variety of high-precision low-roughness surface processing such large plates. Such as intermittent engine gearbox section plane can also be used for precision machining forming a wide belt grinding, and to ensure than conventional milling, planing surface machining a better seal.
Metal strip or wire continuous polishing process. Because of the wide belt grinding of development, so that thin strip across the width have the same grinding conditions, and will not localized excessive force, resulting in stress and deformation, so the cold rolled steel, copper, aluminum and other alloy strip and other surfaces are suitable for continuous use abrasive polishing. The processing width of 600 ~ 2100mm, Thickness 0.1 ~ 2.2mm, the surface roughness Ra3.2 ~ 0.1mm, the strip running speed is 3 ~ 80m/min. Planetary belt grinding of stainless steel or other materials, polishing roll the wire provides a very efficient and economical processing methods. Known polishing wire diameter 0.8 ~ 20mm. Continuous speed 6 ~ 150m/min.
Large aspect ratio of the workpiece, the cylindrical polishing. Modern industry in a variety of large, large aspect ratio of the shaft and the cylindrical workpiece Tube inner peripheral surface of the workpiece processing and utilization of belt grinding is very convenient. Generally available in large standard equipment to add a belt grinding device can be realized. Large quantities may be using a dedicated belt grinder. Such as a large generator rotor, rollers, paper and other parts of the outer cylinder and cylinder, oil pipelines, pressure vessels and other parts of the inner circle surface processing.
Complex shaped workpieces polishing. Workpiece surface profile grinding, difficult. However, the use of a flexible  abrasive belt  can easily process a variety of complex surfaces, the inner radius of curvature of only 3mm fillet, belt can be polished. Plates such as aircraft engines, turbine blades, vanes navigation, condenser lamp bowls, mirrors, cutlery, handle, plumbing appliances, etc. are available for efficient high-quality abrasive polishing process.
Belt grinding equipment in various forms, variety. It in a variety of general-purpose device for belt grinding. Universal belt grinding equipment with small portable belt machine, universal belt machine, desktop belt machine; big a cylindrical abrasive belt grinder, surface belt grinders, centerless grinders and abrasive belt grinding machines and other inner circle and so on. Dedicated abrasive belt grinding machine with belt camshaft profile grinding machines, industrial tank belt throwing mills, automobile tire rims face belt throwing mill, motorcycle fuel tank belt polishing mill, special stainless steel sink hair dryer and so on.

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