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Export inspection and supervision to strengthen the city's diamond saw blade products to enhance the quality level of the entire industries of Saw, maintaining the order of inspection of export products, to help the grinding wheel companies to establish export brand, on the 14th, the city held a metal tool inspection and supervision work conference The main purpose of inspection and quarantine policies and regulations, as well as some measures of service enterprises, enterprises of the industry to the blade introduced.
Hardware tools is the city's pillar industries, is one of the main exports of machinery products. The city's drill, saw in the country, and even occupy a larger share in the international arena, but mainly for the low-end market, and mostly OEM. To further promote the development of hardware tools industry in our city, improve the quality management level, to promote the construction of independent brands, enhance the export competitiveness of the cutting disc, the relative concentration of the region already has the basis for the existing industries, Zhenjiang Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Danyang work import and export products in these areas to establish the export product inspection and quarantine supervision demonstration area, to explore the implementation of the mode of gathering industry to adapt the inspection and quarantine, the coalition government and its related departments to launch a series of supportive measures, through the establishment of "three horizontal and one vertical" quality regulatory system, to promote the formation of the export products industry gathering area, improved.
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   The trimming institutions in the grinding wheel rack. When trimming, diamond wheel rotation and for cut sports; wheel dressing while working speed rotation. The wheel dressing this method has the following characteristics:
    1) the production of high North, and ease of automation. Mostly to cut into the process to achieve a trim, trimming time public need seconds, the simple structure of the wheel dresser, easy to achieve automatic control, therefore, particularly suitable for mass production.
    2) low cost. Diamond roller dressing a short time, long life, usually in the thousands to tens of thousands of times as high as up to hundreds of thousands of times, therefore, the use of low cost.
    3) high precision. Diamond wheel to achieve accuracy levels are shown in Table 01. Precision easy to maintain, it is trimming the grinding wheel china grinding workpiece accuracy has also been a corresponding improvement.
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