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Stainless steel toughness, high temperature strength, grinding force, thus requiring the grinding wheel has high strength and can withstand greater impact loads. Therefore, the grinding of stainless steel wheel multi ceramic binder. Ceramic binder heat resistance, corrosion resistance, not afraid of damp, porous, not only to maintain the grinding wheel abrasive cutting performance, higher productivity, and can withstand greater impact loads. For cutting and grooving a thin grinding wheel, of large diameter may be used resin bond production for grinding stainless steel workpiece. It flexible, not afraid to shock, but the resin binder afraid alkaline solution, and can not afford the high temperature, the temperature is higher than 150 ° C when it will soften and lose strength. Thus must be fully cooled grinding. However, when the inner hole in the a grinding acid resistant materials such as stainless steel, using a resin bonded grinding wheel, grinding hole can improve the surface quality and to avoid burns.
Grinding stainless steel grinding wheel hardness than grinding general carbon steel a little softer, so that the grinding wheel with good self-sharpening. Not falling, grinding wheel strength is too high, blunt abrasive grinding wheel clogged evil, will cause grinding force, grinding heat increases and surface burns. For grinding stainless steel with particular attention to the prevention. In addition, wheel also affects the hardness of the abrasive grains and the adhesion level of the stainless steel material. Can be seen from Table 02, the higher the grinding wheel hardness, the greater the severity of the grinding wheel adhesion. Of course, grinding wheel hardness is not too low, or excessive wear and tear, so that theflap wheel can not maintain the correct geometry and frequent wheel dressing, is inappropriate.
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 Cylindrical grinding, the correct choice of the grinding wheel is to ensure that the workpiece grinding quality, increase productivity, reduce the cost of an important part. Select the characteristics of the grinding wheel manufacture (abrasive grain size, hardness, combined etc.), must make the abrasive grain having a good grinding performance; having a suitable grinding wheel is self-sharpening; grinding wheel is generated when the grinding force, the grinding heat is relatively small; less blunt, high life of the grinding wheel abrasive; workpiece machining accuracy and surface quality requirements to achieve the machined surface is not easy to produce burns and cracks, grinding wheel, the nature of the material of the workpiece and the grinding quality The requirement is that the two key factors that can not be ignored.

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