2013-11-28 by seoer3
Spherical metal cutting wheel
So that when the grinding wheel axis and the axis of the workpiece contour , in order to ensure the roundness of the sphere . According to generally determine the contour of the ground pattern of errors. Leaving it as is ball convex surface pattern , indicating that the data later this week to participate in the grinding wheel , which is below the center of the wheel center piece , this time, the center position of the wheel should be adjusted so that the center of the workpiece contour , until they are grinding sphere surface was cross- hatch pattern . Requirements within the error of 0.003-0.004mm .
 Spherical grinding wheel frame to rotate a certain angle , the size of the hole wheel trim should be completed before the machine adjustment . After the grinding wheel during the grinding process blunt , no trimming the hole, as long as the sand of the end face of the grinding wheel can be trimmed , so that both the grinding wheel sharp recovery , but also to ensure the wheel bore size unchanged. To promptly after blunt wheel trim , facilitate quality assurance process . Due to the spherical grinding wheel axis and the axis of the workpiece can not be absolutely high , the work will have on such a small level , affecting the accuracy of the workpiece , then , may be less than 1mm drill a hole in the center of the spherical tip to avoid .
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