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Foreign threaded tool manufacturers attach great importance to product quality, and will continue to improve product quality as an important content of enterprise development strategies. In order to ensure the reliability of the product quality, the extensive use of advanced processing equipment and processing technology. Such as after the first heat treatment on tap rough shape, in order to eliminate the distortion generated by the hot and cold processing, to ensure that the intrinsic quality of the product; using advanced detection methods, supplemented by computer data processing, product testing is accurate, convenient and intuitive; ongoing product performance test cutting database, in time to provide users with accurate, complete cutting data, to ensure that users get the best benefits. In addition, foreign threaded tool manufacturers product samples to be processed depending on the material to determine how to tap structure type, cutting parameters, selection of coolant has detailed descriptions to help the user to select and use; labeling of products commonly used laser engraving, beautiful, clear; product packaging is also distinctive, so that the user at a glance. Guarantee a full range of high quality products from the inside to the outside is one of the important magic weapon of foreign threaded tool manufacturer to win market.
Market competition continues to intensify, foreign thread abrasive tools manufacturer product marketing as the technical know-how, marketing efforts are highly valued. Foreign manufacturers to provide users with the best service possible to meet the users need to be regarded as the first condition for business survival and development, and building a strong after-sales service system as an important magic weapon of the occupation of the market, and therefore attached great importance to the establishment of a high level of technical service force strong marketing team, their number usually accounts for about 10% of the number of enterprises, which accounts for more than 60% sales engineer. Market-oriented sales and service personnel, meet with the user directly, thread cutting disc  tools to provide different materials and a variety of cutting edge geometry parameters according to the different needs of the user, and try to meet the users cutting high-quality thread, to get the best value for money demand. Foreign manufacturers also attaches great importance to price competition as well as customers buy psychological research, dynamic pricing policy will be developed as an effective means of marketing. German, Japanese thread cutter manufacturer's product price this printing and product samples exquisite detail, according to the user want to buy a cheap psychological, on the price of this product are usually quoted higher by 3% to 5% annually. The increase in the proportion of allowances to customers in the actual transaction value for money always makes customers feel.
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High-speed steel the thread tool surface coating, which can effectively reduce cutting friction reducing tool wear, greatly improve the cutting disc cutting performance and service life (typically 2 to 3 times the tool life can improve). TiN coating and composite coating process in foreign threaded tool production has been widely adopted, such as the German GUHRINR, EMUGE the various coating products accounted for about 40% of the thread cutter production.

Hardness is one of the important parameters of high-speed steel threaded tool cutting performance. In the process of processing thread, the higher cutting heat generated and passed to the tool, so that the tool hardness decreased. According to the information, after cutting zone temperature exceeds 550 ° C, the microstructure tool will change, resulting in rapid decline in tool hardness; temperature is increased to 100 ° C, the hardness decreased up to 300 ~ 400 HV; if the abrasive tools hardness dropped 59 ~ 60HRC, will basically lose cutting ability. Thread cutter after the coated surface hardness can be significantly higher: TiN coating hardness up to 2300HV above; TiCN coating hardness up to 3000HV. Thread tool surface coatings with different features and different scope of application: high hardness after the TiCN coating of high-speed steel thread tool, can be achieved with uncoated carbide tool cutting performance; addition, in some cutting occasions, compared to the the TiCN coating high-speed wire cone with uncoated carbide tool has the advantage of low cost. Tap tapping cut yellow copper or aluminum workpieces TiCN coating, tool life can be increased by more than 10 times; the TiAlN coating tap-tapping cut gray cast iron or aluminum alloy workpiece hypereutectoid, tool life increased by 4 times or more. Compared with the TiN coating, TiAIN coating enables the tool has a higher hardness and better oxidation resistance, and therefore more suitable for high-speed machining TiAIN coated tool.

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