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Modern drilling tools for the goal with this new technology and design. The basic geometry is a straight slot and four cylindrical side of the blade, a series of advantages: high precision drilling tolerances when processing large quantities of castings and aluminum pieces; linear high; very beneficial step drill design; easy regrinding.DC wheel

However, these basic geometric angle of the drill must be specially designed so that you can work reliably in high-speed and dry machining conditions. Not been to optimize the design of the drill chips will be formed on the tip of the drill and the main blade tumor is not good in the border strip debris forming. These problems will reduce the quality of the drilling result in the drill damage and downtime.

TITEX PLUS AlphaJet straight grooves drill specialized cooling and matching the inner diameter of the drill hole, internal cooling hole of the positioning of the drill tip to ensure that the blade through the lubricant or mist coolant get optimal cooling. This special drill tip and flute geometry has been optimized to the point of debris movement does not have any obstacle, even in the worst conditions, the debris will greatly reduce. Near the rear corners of the guide grooves through a special design, even in the case of high-speed cutting, and does not occur the phenomenon of debris.grinding wheel

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Polishing Pad resin binder, soft flexible diamond grinding tools. Stuck on the back of the Velcro cloth, gluing the portable mill connector, used for grinding. Polished granite and other hard and brittle, difficult processing of song Globoidal.cutting wheel

The Polishing Pad There are many types of different proportions of the ingredients.

Diamond Polishing Pad the diamond as abrasive, combined with the composite material made of flexible machining tools, special-shaped stone, ceramics, glass and other materials processing, the whole process is divided into rough grinding, fine grinding, grinding, polishing four stages , by the processing of the stone, a gloss of more than 90 °.grinding wheel

Major had just stone, glass, ceramic, YaoYan grinding and polishing. (Straight stone corners of granite, marble, etc., within the arc, the outer arc, the edges of flat, glass, ceramic, angular, flat, ceramic waist plane) available size No.: 50 #, 100 #, 200 #, 400 #, 800 #, 1500 #, 3000 #, BUFF. In the stone industry. Grinding power, a high degree of wear and polishing effect

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