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How to choose milling high-strength steel and ultra-high-strength steel, tool and geometric parameters?

High-strength steel and ultra-high-strength steel, high strength at room temperature tensile strength of 1470 MPa. After quenching the hardness of HRC35 or more, up to HRC58. Martensite, when the shear stress in the cutting of high strength, high temperature cutting, cutting disc,severe tool wear and and easily chipping or Unclamping. Milling should be selected high strength, impact resistance and heat resistance, good tool materials, such as high-performance high-speed steel and carbide, also can select a series of hot-pressing of Al2O2-TiC ceramic tool. High-speed steel cutter, optional high vanadium high-speed steel, high speed steel, cobalt-or aluminum-containing superhard for such W12Cr4V4Mo W2Mo9Cr4VCo8, W6Mo5Cr4V2Al. Selection of carbide tool materials should be selected high bending strength, hardness blade, such as SC30, YC40, SD15, YC35, YS25, 726,813, etc..

Select the tool geometry parameters, it is necessary to take full account of the characteristics of this steel cutting wheel the main angle should be reduced, increasing the nose radius, cutting deep anterior horn and feed should be less than 0 ° rake angle (high-speed steel cutter exception). Carbide and ceramic cutting edge of the tool should be chamfered to increase the strength of the cutting edge.

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Another form of innovative high-tech multi-functional tool, is used for the GJV engine group processed water sealing special tool. GJV special material properties make cutting difficult. For such requirements, Komet Group has developed a new type of tool, its pre-processing and finished processing are completed in one step. The four solid on the end face of the indexable insert tool, two by means of fine-tuning function micron regulation. Guide indexable blade edges and corners, to reduce the deviation of the abrasive tools position error due to large cutting force and cast iron materials. Can be processed using other indexable insert corners including belongs plane
Today, this tool has been used in mass production into cutting parameters for Vc = 120m/min and Vf = 340mm/min. This feed characteristics significantly superior to the use of the tool in the GG processing. In addition, only two processes can meet quality requirements. From an economic point of view, 50m standard cutting stroke, although costly technology tool takes nearly five times the purchase cost, but can significantly reduce the overall cost of processing water sealing required.DC wheel

Truck manufacturers, the cost savings, mainly in the initial stage. These tool engine processing GJV and GG mixed group can save about 65%. With the the GJV proportion increases, the cost savings are more apparent. Have not considered in the above calculations, the period of use has increased three-fold. Blade broken event Thereafter no further illustrate the process of the security improved.

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