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1 : Isolation
  The use of  non woven flap wheel  needle-punched geotextile with different physical properties ( particle size, distribution , consistency and density, etc. ) construction materials ( such as soil and sand, soil and concrete, etc. ) in isolation. Between two or more materials that does not drain , do not mix, keeping the overall structure and function of the material , so that structures containing supporting capacity strengthening .
  2 : Filter
  When the inflow of water from the soil coarse material fines soil , the use of polyester staple fiber needle-punched geotextile good air permeability and water permeability , so that water flows through , while effectively carrying soil particles , sand, small stones , etc., in order to soil and water conservation works stability.
  3: Drainage
  Polyester staple fiber needle-punched geotextile has good conductivity properties , which can be formed within the soil drainage channels within the structure of soil efflux of excess liquids and gases .
  4: Reinforcement
  The use of polyester staple fiber needle-punched geotextile reinforced soil tensile strength and resistance to deformation, enhanced stability of building structures in order to improve soil quality.
  5: Protection
  Water on soil erosion , the effective stress will focus on proliferation, transfer, or decomposition , to prevent soil damage by external force .
  6 : Other
  High tensile strength, permeability, high temperature , anti- freeze, anti- aging , corrosion resistance, no insects .
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How to choose how to polish glass edging machine non woven flap wheel polishing wheel to make high- efficiency , high-precision , high-quality , long-life side of the glass , the glass edge polishing process must be the correct choice and use of polishing wheel . Typical glass edge processing wheel : diamond rough grinding - fine diamond grinding wheel - 10S series polishing wheel - cerium oxide polishing wheel - wool round - resin wheel. So how reasonable choice in the type of glazing wheel milling machine process it? First, select the type of polishing wheel to determine based on the use of glass milling machine types and models. The same type of milling machine, due to the different quality is good or bad , high and low precision polishing wheel polishing effect and life will be different. Second, to check the use of diamond grinding and fine grinding coarse whether to choose the right . If the diamond rough diamond grinding wheel and fine and coarse particle size , grinding, polishing wheel is difficult to completely throw away the traces of diamond grinding wheel , polishing wheel will affect consumption and reduce its life. Third, based on the glass edge processing requirements , that is, the brightness requirements applicable to choose a suitable polishing wheel, in order to achieve that meet the processing requirements, but also serve to reduce production costs, increase productivity effect. Finally, to comply with the norms grinding and polishing , polishing wheels before installation should carefully check whether there is crack ; When installed, the application polishing wheel diameter not less than one-third of the diameter of the flange fastening ; polishing wheel speed shall not exceed the safe use of the work line predetermined speed ; polishing wheel for face work not specifically prohibited in the end face grinding work ; cooling water flow should be sufficient ; edger to follow safety procedures to operate , select the appropriate operating pressure and head glass and travels Super long ; during polishing wheels shall be stored to prevent the cold, damp , not in contact with alkali , otherwise it will affect the strength and ability to polish polishing abrasive wheels . Although glass milling machine sex , grinding and polishing methods , cooling, speed, intrinsic quality of the glass itself and the technical level of the operator will affect the brightness of glass polishing , polishing rural rate , but the fundamental thing is to choose the right polishing wheels, how to properly select this glass mechanical polishing wheel is a very important issue.
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