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The ultra-thin diamond cutting tool is mainly used in the field of electronic information industry integrated circuit chip and a variety of electronic components draw off and slotted. The dicing sheet thickness (generally 0.015 ~ 0.1mm); high accuracy (the accuracy of the thickness dimension is generally <0.003mm, roundness and concentricity of <0.01mm, parallelism <0.005mm); high intensity; rigidity; within stress (the work line speeds of up to 100m / s or so). Has the advantages of high cutting speed, kerf small, chipping, high material utilization, high precision workpiece surface quality, fully able to meet the needs of the LSI chip for the field of electronic information processing and a variety of electronic components. At present, the thin diamond tool developed mainly there are two methods, i.e. the pressing method and the electroforming method. Electroforming low temperature than the pressing method, simple equipment, developed the abrasive tools  thinner, and therefore has more advantages. Electroforming method developed ultra-thin diamond cutter ongoing research and development of this work abroad to achieve practical application only Japan DISCO, Mitsubishi Corporation, South Korea's Shinhan few, are only a small number of research units is still in its infancy. Electroforming the development of ultra-thin diamond cutting disc, tool industry in China can improve the level of manufacturing, import substitution, and to play a positive role in promoting the development of China's electronic information industry.
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A grinding wheel diamond wheel in our lives is often used for this kind of material of the diamond wheel, its production process is how to do? Generally, the conventional diamond grindstone wire saw in the surface of the fine metal wire through the electrodeposition of nickel or a thermosetting resin layer of diamond abrasive grains is fixed, for the precision cutting of the material. Since abrasive only be mechanically entrapped embedded in the coating or resin binder, abrasive and easy to fall off, the short life of the wire saw. To solve this problem, the use of gas protection of the induction heating the brazing process produced diamond wire saw, diamond abrasive bonding strength. While more important point is that it uses a diamond grinding wheel of a special type triangular inserts each tooth feed amount can be up to 3.5mm. This unique blade geometry constitutes a large arc cutting edge structure, able to withstand large chip load per tooth to achieve high feed machining the tool. The above is a diamond cutting wheel  production technology introduction process.

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