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German tool manufacturing industry is facing a huge challenge: not only is the pressure exerted on prices from the countries of Eastern Europe and Asia, this pressure from the increasingly fierce competition they lead to a significantly lower wage levels, and the domestic market on there has been excess capacity also forced into a price war with low-cost competitors. However, as in many other industries, such a decision-making tool manufacturing industry in Germany is a major mistake, because of the completely different boundary conditions, and ultimately the enterprise can only be defeated. Therefore, as an alternative price war, only another way to make a variety of products. But by what means to make the mold manufacturer out of this competition, but will not do this to limit yourself to a small business areas?
The most important thing is to improve process effectiveness

From a technical perspective, this issue can make a variety of different answers. The purpose of taking measures should first be on improving the effectiveness of the process, because users are always looking for added value compared with the standard - whether to shorten delivery times, improve accuracy or bulk use with special shorten the cycle time performance, such as casting molds. Improving the effectiveness of the process can either be realized by a particularly high productivity can also be achieved through special flexibility when inserted into the machining process, such as in emergency orders must be stoppered.DC wheel

Between the regions of tension between the productivity and flexibility distinguish spark ablation and milling method having a special significance. Like manufacturing forging dies as a special case, hard milling tool manufacturing although some made considerable progress, but it does not replace the spark ablation. The current trends in hard milling tool, mainly related to technology and coating technology. New type of tool steel, manufactured materials such as powder metallurgy, requires high-performance systems, and these systems are often hard metal ultrafine particles combined with the appropriate laminating system in order to achieve. They must be able to withstand a strong wear, because high carbide material components lead to such wear. But at the same time, the abrasive tools must be by a suitable blade geometry to respond to the toughness of the material, this toughness is caused due to the small particle size of the material.

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Once the tip of the drill into the surface of the workpiece, the drill tip geometry immediately in a secondary position. Other factors to be considered to stand out, such as chip evacuation and rigidity. The drill bit not only need to have the appropriate shape of the drill tip, it must always maintain a sufficient rigidity. Drilling convex surface of the cylindrical surface or the like, almost all with a shorter of the drill, especially those using the step of the power head.

Tom Trost, a production of the solid carbide drill the CJT KOOICarb company vice president of sales, said the company's production of the short length of the solid carbide drill 30% of the 140 ° point angle. TiN coating, cross grinding drill has become the market's conventional products.abrasive wheel

The design drill should take full account of the the chip evacuation drill. Drill drill 3 ~ 4D depth,, Strubler said, most of the drill bit manufacturer widened its drill trench. In recent years, these manufacturers have learned to manipulate the groove in the form of the wheel, making improvements. For carbide drills, parallel to the bottom of the trench, or a smaller core thickness increments so that the groove becomes larger. For high-speed steel drill, opposite, in order to maintain the desired rigidity of the increment of the core thickness is large and the grooves becomes smaller, small space Paixie, cause chip removal difficult.grinding wheel

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