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Southeast coastal economically developed, in recent years, the emergence of a number of specialty industrial town: Dali, Nanhai, Guangdong, known as "China's first town of aluminum", Chaoan anbu known as "China's first Food Town" and "China Printing and Packaging first town Chaoan Guxiang referred to as "Chinese sanitary ceramics first town??
Not long ago, Ezhou City, Hubei urban town of Yanji diamond intelligence network in China is recognized as "China's first town of the diamond tool.
Diamond cutting tool, is molded with synthetic diamond and various metal powders mixed calcined steel base member made of a high hardness, and then welded to the cutting wheel.
Over sixty Zhang Zhongming, the title of "guardian spirit of Yan Angeles diamond tool industry."
In the 1980s, Zhang Zhongming operating in Yanji stone. Cutting stone tool, and Zhang Zhongming therefore established a link with two diamond saw blade factory in Shanghai and Beijing. Later, he steal the division mastered the basic production technology of diamond saw to form their own unique skill through research, run from Yan Angeles diamond tool factory.
Its profitable Tool Works, Zhang Zhongming no technical sense of confidentiality to the early 1990s, Yan Angeles emerged hundreds of diamond tools business is booming.
But it did not last long. Local facilities can not keep the law and order situation is not good for various reasons, plus coastal preferential policies and relaxed environment to attract, Yan Angeles a large number of owners have come to the development of Guangdong, Fujian, Shandong and other places. 2000, leaving only 10 more than the decline of Yan Angeles diamond tool enterprise.
Former red-hot industry once again to support them? Echeng this bitter experience, determined to optimize the environment to start, attract outbound owners regression.
From 2003 onwards, they lay the foundation solid: of hardening Yan the Rockies to Echeng, cutting wheel,Yellowstone highway pavement; built the green belt of the diamond tool industry park, street lights, water pipe network, power transmission stations; issue preferential policies to eliminate the "three arbitrary ; to establish diamond tool inspection and testing center ", to provide a platform for product development, production, testing and use; establish Diamond Productivity Center, and to demonstrate the feasibility of the major investment projects, and support enterprises to promote new products, new technologies and new process.
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The diamond thick film production process of the welding tool generally include: The preparation of a large area of ??the diamond film; diamond film was cut into the shape and dimensions of the tool; diamond thick film with the tool base material of the welding; the grinding and polishing of the cutting edge of diamond thick film .
Preparation and cutting of thick diamond films
Commonly used in the preparation process of the diamond thick DC plasma jet CVD method. The diamond is deposited to a WC + Co alloy (surface subjected to mirror processing), in the cooling process of the substrate, the diamond film is automatically shed. This method is the deposition speed (up to 930μm / h), the lattice binding between more closely, but the growth of the surface is relatively rough. The diamond films of high hardness, wear-resistant, non-conductive to determine it the cutting method is a laser cutting (cutting in the environment of air, oxygen and argon). Laser cutting can not only diamond thick film was cut into a desired shape and size, can also be cut out of the rear corners of the tool, with a narrow kerf, efficiency and other advantages.abrasive tools
Diamond Thick Film Cutters Welding
Between diamond and metals and their alloys having a high interfacial energy, resulting in diamond can not be generally low-melting alloy infiltration, weldability Terrible. Now primarily to add a strong carbide forming element or through the metalization process of the diamond surface to improve the weldability between the diamond and the metal in the copper-silver alloy solder.
Active brazing method
Solder generally use a copper-silver alloy containing Ti, without flux in an inert gas or in vacuum soldering. Common component solder Ag = 68.8wt%, Cu = 26.7wt%, Ti = 4.5 wt%, the preparation method is commonly used in the arc melting method and powder metallurgy. Ti as active elements in the welding process and C reflect the generation of TiC can be improved diamond and the solder wettability and bonding strength. The heating temperature usually is 850 ℃, incubated for 10 minutes, slow cooling in order to reduce internal stress.grinding disc
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