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a. whether the calibration stickers vouchers;
spatula size height is 63.00mm;abrasive wheel
c visual inspection of each blade cutting edge is a new cutting edge;
milling cutter positioning surface of d visual inspection whether the bump hurt or uneven traces surrender tool management oil stone correction.

Reamer tool:

a. whether the calibration stickers vouchers;
b. whether the size of the spatula is 108.00mm;
c. cutting edge if there is a population explosion;
d check reamer length adjustment screw is loose.

Honing tool:

a. inspection sticker coupons;metal cutting wheel
b honing out whether the smooth contraction

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A few blankets and synthetic materials are mixed. The felt polishing efficient, it mixed with the fiber material, not only to maintain the high polishing efficiency, standard abrasives and can extend its service life. Felting class polishing abrasive is helically wound from a layer of felt production, the blankets softness and the adhesive used to determine Felting class polishing abrasive polishing effects and life. The direction of the arrow with the direction of rotation of the motor installation to make abrasive shown consistent use of the process should always be used in conjunction with cerium oxide polishing powder.

Typical glass edge processing: diamond rough grinding wheel - diamond fine grinding wheel - 10S series of polishing abrasive - cerium oxide polishing abrasive.cut off wheel

keywords:portable belt
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