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      Can be divided into the ordinary abrasive (corundum and silicon carbide) Wheel and natural abrasive superhard abrasive (diamond and cubic boron nitride) grinding wheels with abrasive;

       Shape can be divided into level grinding wheel, bevel grinding wheel, cylindrical grinding wheel, cup wheel, cutting wheel; binder can be divided into ceramic grinding wheel, resin grinding wheel, rubber wheel, metal grinding wheel. The characteristic parameter of the wheel main abrasive, viscosity, hardness, binding agent, shape, size and so on.

       Due to the grinding wheel usually work at high speed, and thus should be carried out before use rotation test (to ensure that the wheel at the highest speed, not broken) and static balance test (to prevent work caused by machine vibration). Grinding wheel after working for a period of time should be trimmed in order to restore the grinding performance and correct geometry.

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Diamond thin cutting discs tools in the non-ferrous metals and wear-resistant materials processing applications, have excellent adaptability. Of diamond ultra-thin cutting discs, 0.04mm diamond thin cutting discs 0.08mm diamond ultra-thin cutting discs the 0.055mm diamond thin cutting discs, japan diamond ultra-thin cutting discs, 0.1mm gold ultra-thin cutting a piece of steel stone the 0.2mm diamond ultra-thin cutting discs 0.15mm diamond ultra-thin cutting discs, the Japanese diamond ultra-thin cutting discs

Tool material, ultra-thin diamond cutting disc is the hardest. Appropriate processing conditions, the ultra-thin diamond cutting disc than high-speed steel, carbide, ceramic and PCBN life long. It also has shortcomings, is: not generally apply to ferrous materials processing. However, in a high-speed mass production, processing materials such as aluminum and graphite, etc., diamond thin cutting chip is often the most abrasive tools.

Diamond ultra-thin cutting disc tools, the user can have two options: a polycrystalline diamond thin cutting piece (PCD), a the newer chemical vapor deposition (CVD) diamond ultra-thin cutting discs.

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