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Diamond ultra-thin cutting discs of granularity: diamond ultra-thin grinding disc particle size in the range of 30/35 to 60/80. The more hard rock, should be selected with a finer granularity. Diamond ultra-thin cutting wheel under the same pressure conditions, the more detailed the more sharp, it is beneficial to cut into the hard rock. In addition, the generally large diameter of the saw blade sawing efficiency requirements, should select the coarser particle size, such as 30/40, 40/50; low efficiency of the small diameter of the saw blade sawing require smooth rock sawing sectional, should Optional finer granularity, such as 50/60, 60/80.

The tip concentration: the so-called diamond concentration of the ultra-thin cut sheets, refers to the distribution density of the diamond thin cutting chip in the working layer carcass (i.e. contained in the unit area weight of the diamond thin cutting sheet). "Norms" provisions per cc carcass containing 4.4 kt diamond thin cutting sheet, a concentration of 100%, containing 3.3 carat diamond thin cutting the sheet, the concentration of 75%. The volume concentration of said diamond ultrathin agglomerates dicing sheet how much of the volume occupied by, and provides, when the concentration of 1/4 of the volume of the total volume of the diamond thin cutting chip is 100%. Increase the diamond ultra-thin cutting discs concentration is expected to extend the life of the blade, because the increase in the concentration that reduces the average cutting force of each piece of diamond ultra-thin cutting discs suffered. But increased depth inevitably increase the cost of the blade, and thus there is a concentration of one of the most economic, and the concentration with VS shear rate increases.

Tip hardness of the binding agent: In general, the higher the hardness of the binding agent, the stronger its wear resistance. Thus, when a large rock sawing abrasive, the hardness of the binding agent should be high; when sawing soft rock material, the hardness of the binding agent should be low; When sawing abrasive and hard rock, the hardness of the binding agent should be moderate .

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At 11 o'clock on the October 20, with the first shovel the rise of firecrackers and construction machinery, invest in more than 1,000 yuan, planning and design of the 5,800 square meters of Hanjiang Tool modern broaching tool plant ceremoniously broke ground on a new site. Hanjiang Tool chairman and party secretary Wang Zhi comrades personally lit first ring starts Salute. The ground-breaking of the new plant, marking the Han River tools broaching cutter technological transformation progress, modern equipment and manufacturing level has entered a new stage of development. Also shows that the the Hanjiang abrasive tools transformation and upgrading, innovation has taken a new step in the direction of creating a world-class corporate complex tool.

With the development of the equipment manufacturing industry, the broaching method more and more. Compared with milling, broaching processing efficiency, accuracy and dimensional stability is much higher than milling. Processing different materials, cutting disc material by the ordinary high-speed steel high-speed steel and cobalt have been gradually replaced by high-speed steel powder metallurgy high-speed steel, cobalt and powder metallurgy. They use a different machine is divided into horizontal broaching and vertical broaching. Depending on the length of its type face size and broaching, broach design for blooming to remove a large margin hierarchical and gradually became broaching), semi-refined crude pull (pull (had become the style or the same profile broaching), finely drawn structure (profile piece silhouette with broaching). Because of its high precision, surface-type complex, difficult to broach processing, are only a small number of tools factory capable of processing used in the steam turbine plant and aero-engine plant Broach mainly imports, a broach to tens branch, worth a few million to several hundred million dollars.

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