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ceramic flap disc action, referring to when dining at the hotel, initiatives that people will eat packaged meals, "CD-ROM" left the hotel. This action is a non-profit organization by the implementation of the Beijing public service activities. "CD-ROM action" against the backdrop of China raised the increasingly serious "tongue waste" phenomenon. The theme is: I start from today does not leftovers. "CD-ROM action" was early January 2013 onwards, the public spontaneously initiated a theme of "I start from today does not leftovers," the public welfare activities, through the microblogging publicity, online eaten after drying dishes, issuing leaflets , posters and other forms of public austerity initiatives against waste, packaged leftovers after dinner at the hotel, "CD-ROM" to leave, everyone is saving food form good atmosphere. Causing many of the media and netizens enthusiastic response. Refuse waste, starting with me, drying out your own dish eaten together, say no to waste, vying to save up to people, say no to waste on the tongue
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Author on the topic to the major consumers some suggestions:
1 to avoid "tile disease" the most effective way, it should be when purchasing from tile prevention. Currently, most manufacturers of  ceramic flap disc ceramic brand products have been a national product testing, especially in terms of tile radiation detection more stringent. But there are still a lot of "three noes" tile escaped detection. So, in a tile radiation considerations, consumers should try to choose ceramic brands, top ten brands such as ceramic, tile top ten products companies and so on.
(2) In addition to buy from tile to avoid and "tile" disease, consumers can avoid the tile from everyday life to the body caused by minor injuries. The tiles on the market despite the radiation through the national standards, but there are still some radiation, and therefore correct in their daily lives to avoid "accompanied day and night," the tile to the damage caused by the body is particularly important. First, in daily life should prepare tile maintenance work, good paving tiles to avoid damage, destroying its internal performance. The second point, similar to the bedroom, kitchen space is small and confined space ventilation should be maintained, especially in children's room, children often does not know how to tile with tile radiation exposure caused harm to consumers as a parent should pay particular attention to child room ventilation, if necessary, children's room can also choose other alternatives as surface decoration materials, such as ceramic stone, wood and other non-radiation architectural ceramic products.
"Tile disease" is not so terrible legend, as long as the optional products through national testing standards for ceramic tiles and ventilated in everyday life, more attention could be avoided.

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