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Diamond Polishing Pad also known as diamond the watermill piece, based on diamond abrasives, combined with the composite material made of flexible machining tool, the back of the sticky Velcro cloth, gluing mill joint, used for grinding, can Processing shaped stone, ceramic, glass, tiles and other materials suitable for stone polishing, abrasive disc,chamfering lines, curved panels and shaped stone processing, marble, coagulation, concrete floor, terrazzo, glass-ceramic, artificial stone can also be used, floor tiles, glazed tiles, tiles profiled machining, repair and renovation, the grinding power, durability, softness, clarity, gloss, stone grinding tools, the whole process is divided into coarse grinding , fine grinding, fine grinding, polishing four stages,abrasive wheel, processed stone, glossiness of more than 90 °.

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Coating flaking is a serious problem of diamond coated tools, is also a common problem (especially in the processing of carbon fiber like material) will result in tool life are difficult to predict. The late 1990s, flap wheel,interfacial chemical characteristics were identified as important factors to affect the performance of the diamond coating adhesion. By selecting the good compatibility Carbide chemical characteristics, using the appropriate pretreatment technology and reasonable deposition reaction conditions, it is possible to reduce or eliminate the peeling of the diamond coating, and to stably achieve a smooth wear mode. Normal wear diamond coated tool is observed under the microscope, can be found, the diamond is stable wear until the cemented carbide substrate, without chipping or flaking.metal cutting wheel

keywords:cut off wheel
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