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Ultrasonic plating technology
Ultrasonic plating is developed in recent years a new plating process, ultrasonic mainly used in the electroplating process before plating the electrodeposition process matrix enhanced ultrasonic cleaning and electroplating, plating speed, so as to achieve the speed up to improve the quality of the coating and the coating performance purposes.cutting wheel

Ultrasonic plated parts of the surface before cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is cleaning technology developed in recent years, has been more widely used in medical equipment, electroplating tool production, ultrasonic cleaning is the shock waves generated by the cavitation effect, micro-jet impact surface, forming a shear effect, so attached to the surface of the part of the dirt removed layer by layer, the Microfluidizer can enhance ultrasonic cavitation generated in the solid and liquid interface, high-speed stirring action, to accelerate the dissolution of the soluble dirt, until the substrate is completely cleaned up.grinding wheel

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Diamond wheel made of boron carbide, silicon carbide, corundum and general abrasive grinding wheel edge angle sharp, abrasive tools,wear, long life, high productivity, good processing quality, but the price is expensive, making it suitable for fine grinding carbide, ceramics , semiconductor and high hardness brittle difficult to machine materials.

The diamond wheel comprising the abrasive type, particle size, hardness, concentration, binding agents, wheel shape and dimensions.

Abrasive: widely used artificial diamond (JR), according to its crystalline shape and intensity of particles, in a variety of models, select models according to their particular purpose.

Granularity: workpiece roughness, of grinding productivity and diamond consumption three aspects to consider.

Hardness: resin bonded diamond cutting wheel have characteristics of "hardness". The general use of the S (Y1) level or higher.

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