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Continuous edge of the saw blade: Continuous the serrated Diamond cutting discs, usually produced by the sintering method, commonly used bronze bond as the basis of carcassabrasives, cutting shall add water to ensure the cutting effect and useful laser cutting head type of gap.
2 heads cut piece: jagged disconnect, cutting speed, suitable for dry and wet cutting method.
, Turbine cutting disc: combines the advantages of two in front of 1,2, the serrated continuous presence turbine-like uniform punch, cutting speed, increase the service life.

Different material selection of different types of diamond saw blade, powder formulations suitable for the characteristics of the different materials, a direct impact on the material quality of the product, the effect, the passing rate, and even the costs and benefitsgrinding wheel.
Factors affecting the efficiency and life of the diamond SAW BLADE the sawing process parameters and the diamond particle size, concentration, binding agents such as hardness. According to cut the number of the blade wire-speed, sawing concentration and feed speed.

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Thermo-chemical state of wear of diamond tools are very different according to the different types of processing materials. Used in ultra-precision lathe nose angle 130 ° straight cutting edge ultra-precision diamond turning of oxygen-free copper and pure aluminum facing the state of wear of the tool tip showed that the oxygen-free copper cutting tool rake face crater wear, cutting edge remains sharp ridgeline; cutting aluminum cutter cutting blade the ridgeline wear becomes circular blade, but the rake face is not found crater wear abrasive fibre disc. As can be seen from the difference between the state of wear different wear mechanisms: copper cutting tool flank crater wear caused by the diamond is due to the catalytic action of the copper oxide, and the cutting edge ridge line and workpiece no gap full contact without oxidation wear; generate aluminum carbide cutting aluminum, due to the work surface is in direct contact with the surface of the tool, workpiece material ADX the cutting blade leaving the cutting edges produce wear, due to the the wear extension direction of the cutting copper Conversely (flank extend rearwardly from the cutting edge), and therefore does not produce the crater wear of the rake face grinding wheel.
Due to the different thermal and chemical phenomena of different workpiece material, tool wear state is different, and should therefore be designed according to the different types of workpiece material a reasonable rake angle after angle.
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