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The side grinding problem in the day-to-day use of the grinder, we often can find some of the operator, regardless of the type of grinder, regardless of the type of wheel, casually on the side of the grinding wheel grinding, which is a serious breach of security operations the procedures illegal operation behavior. Do procedures with the circumferential surface of the face of the grinding wheel should not use the side of the grinding, radial strength of this wheel, small axial strength operator excessive force will cause the grinding wheel crushing, or wounding in the actual the use of the process should prohibit such behavior. The positive operational problems in the day-to-day use, operator habits facing the grinding wheel operation, can pull its weight in this direction, in fact, such an act should specifically prohibit behavior in the operation of the grinder. Follow the rules, use the grinder grinding the workpiece, the operator should stand on the side of the wheel, not in front of the wheel to operate, to avoid failure grinding wheel, grinding wheel flying out of flying out of wounding or grinding wheel broken. Force operating problems in the use of grinders, some operations, especially the younger the operator, faster and grinding speed, the force is too large excessive, this is an extremely unsafe operation behavior. Any wheel flat itself has a certain strength, to do so is likely to cause fragmentation of the grinding wheel,cutting wheel  and even flying out of wounding, also a should be prohibited behavior. Common operational problems in the actual day-to-day operations, this happens, some production tasks in time, grab the working hours, the two shared a grinder to operate simultaneously, which is a serious violation operational behavior, shall be strictly prohibited. When a grinder is not enough, you can add the grinder way to solve, and definitely not at the same time share a grinder.
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The abrasive wheel, after conversion processing, and the diamond belt plates fixed on a metal chuck or fixed to the mandrel with the handle of the page above, be used to polishing of abrasive products.

Page grinding wheel generally fixed metal chuck, fixed mandrel, diamond abrasive belt plates.
The fixed metal chuck, a fixed mandrel, on the one hand for fixing the diamond belt plates, distributed evenly around the other end is used for fixing the page wheel  when, typically aluminum core or steel core. Diamond emery page sheet, mainly using the processing section, the page piece fixed is generally a high strength glue adhesive on the substrate.

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