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By removal rate and accuracy can be divided into : ① roughing : with a large depth of  metal cutting wheel  , the knife once or a few times to go from the workpiece cut most or all allowances , such as roughing , rough planing , rough milling , drilling and sawing , rough machining precision , high efficiency and low, generally used as pre- processing , and sometimes also for final processing . ② Semi-finishing : generally used as an intermediate between roughing and finishing step , but the workpiece demanding accuracy and surface roughness of the site, can be used as final machining . ③ finishing : cutting with a fine way to make the machined surface to achieve high accuracy and surface quality, such as fine cars, fine planing , precision reaming, grinding and so on. Finishing is the final process generally . ④ finishing processing: after the finishing , the aim is to obtain a smaller surface roughness , and slightly improve accuracy. Finishing a small allowance , such as honing , grinding, ultra-precision grinding and super finishing and so on. ⑤ modification process : The aim is to reduce the surface roughness to increase corrosion , dust properties and improve the appearance , but does not require increased accuracy , such as polishing , sanding. ⑥ ultra-precision machining : aerospace , laser , electronics, nuclear energy and other cutting-edge technologies in the field of precision components requires some special , its accuracy is more than up to IT4 , surface roughness less than Ra 0.01 microns. This requires special measures for ultra-precision machining , such as turning mirror , mirror grinding , soft abrasive chemical mechanical polishing.
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 If someone asks, manual metal cutting wheel what is most important? Well, someone will certainly tell you that quality is the most important.
We have extensive contacts with customers, so that customers understand our products; while we are more professional understanding of customer requirements, customers have the equipment conditions, and pre-trial argument. The company will for the client's specific situation, prepared jointly with the client process documents and standards. Manual tile cutter machine equipment after the warranty, we will continue our services, but the fees incurred by its customers. Department of Trade and Industry Services Tebo Wei Yongkang planned occasional visits to customers, make the customer feel around them, we should follow satisfactory service, caring service, customer-oriented principle.
Players move Tebo Wei Yongkang tile cutting machine manufacturers, industry and trade guarantee, manual tile cutter if I would be the first time to respond to quality problems.
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